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Kinda dry fitting tile layout prior to Ditra

Trying to figure out where to start so, I can get most full pieces in the area of most used/visually seen.
Generally you want equal pieces that are cut on both sides of my wall but, in my case wouldn’t you think it would look better so there are cut pieces along back wall (vanity will cover 24”, door closed hides almost to there, then there’s the toilet).
Also, this Marazzi tile does meet ANSI A137.1 but, they recommend a minimum 3/16 grout line minimum. Isn’t that kinda big?

Also, since I have never done Ditra. Is there any drawback to cutting it so, that the 3’3” wide piece is cut to length to fit from shower curb to vanity wall. That means I can install it in smaller 3’3”x4’3” squares (3 pieces in open the 1 in closet) for easier access to spread out all-set rather then fighting a large piece that runs from window to door. And doing it that way leaves me to add a 10” strip on vanity wall which I didn’t like.

Opinions are ideas/welcomed.
Thanks in advance

Woohooo I read the Liberry and figured out turning my phone makes my pictures correct. Holy sheet I’m a freakin genious.

Also, here are some original pictures of just how ugly my bathroom was straight outta 1956 all original.
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