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Glue-down nominal 3/4" hardwood over SOG has been accepted in this part of the country for years, Woolfgang. I was very, very skeptical the first time one of my customers asked me about it when she had contracted with a local flooring company to do such an installation in her house when it was probably 15 years old or so. Replacing bedroom carpet.

I talked with the flooring company on her behalf and they assured me that it was now an approved method according to the adhesive manufacturer, Bostik. I talked with Bostik and they assured me that they had had excellent success with such installations.

That particular job is still quite intact (maybe 10 years?) and I've seen it within the past year. Some problems with the wood finish, but not with the installation. I know of other such installations, but that's the one with which I'm most directly familiar. I've never done, nor had done, any such installations in any of my houses.

And I know that particular SOG to have a proper vapor barrier under the concrete.

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