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I have done a few repairs on Kerdi Board...
It definitely helps to make cuts in the tile with your grinder before you attempt to pry it off. At least do diagonals from point to point.
One thing you have working for you is that you know where your solid backing is and use that to pry off of.
You might get lucky and the bond from thinset to the tile may be stronger than the thinset to the K board. It may also just remove a layer of fleece.
As far as the extent of the waterproofing repair would depend on where it is. Is it the upper hinge or the lower?
If I were going to your job I would bring a scrap of K board with washers/screws, some 1X material or plywood scraps, a 2x4, some Kerdi band,a tube of kerdi fix, and your thinset. Then play it by ear depending on how the tile comes off.
Some of the porcelains we are working with these days, are very susceptible to a crack running out from a drill hole. I doubt it was from compression of the board if it had solid backing...but I could be wrong.
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