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Derek, welcome aboard!!Schluter has a preslope pan and curb available for its Kerdi system.
Contact for additional information and great prices with even better service.
Tell David tileguytodd sent ya and he may even stop and buy you a beer if he ever heads through your town

Seriously,he really is the best when it comes to buying schluter products and helping you to determine the absolute best method for your particular situation. Please cmon back after talking with him and tell me how it went,what you decided to do and where we can lend additional support to your project.Its going to cost you some before and afters though, we just love pictures

P.S. Cerdomus is a manufacturer with many different lines and i am not familiar with the one you chose.If you like it,that is whats important.Spectraloc is laticretes new epoxy and its been improved even more for 2005.If you are willing to take the extra time and effort to use epoxy grout,not only do you have no fear, you gave yourself the best possible installation on the planet.
I salute you and your courage!!
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