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New projects--HELP!

First I want to say that I have been hanging out at this forum on and off for the last several months and am very impressed with everyone's generosity and hospitality and knowledge.

I will be starting a series of bathroom projects in this year. My experience so far is tiling about 600sft in my family room. The tiles were porcelain. I did something a little unorthodox on this project. I had a minimum of 1.25inch of subflooring with 16 inch oc 2X10 joists. I did not want to raise the floor anymore or deal with cementboard so I used Laticrete sound and isolation mat. This has worked very well and I am very pleased. It was about a dollar a sft. and so it wasn't cheap but for those that want a high quality product to use over wood this is very good. I also used Laticrete's new epoxy grout (forget the name). It was very easy to work with and am very pleased. I will be using this grout for everything from now on. It honestly seems perfect. One last thing that might be unusual is that the tiles were supposed to look old with broken edges. The edge of the tile is straight but it tapers up to where it is rough and broken and old looking. I put the tiles in WITH ZERO space between the tiles (of course zero is not possible and during installation there is always a small gap). The tiles seem to made to be installed this way as the smaller tiles are exactly 1/2 the size of the larger. I put the grout in level with the top of the tile (almost...not quite level). Once installed the grout line is about 1/2 inch wide and very irregular. The tiles now look like they were installed with broken and irregular edges...they look perfect and I am very pleased. The tiles were Cerdomus from Italy. Has anyone seen this before? I have told several people about this and they give me weird looks. I just wanted to share all of my experiences as hopefully this can help someone else here.

Now, I am totally remodeling three of my bathrooms (one at a time). The current one I will be putting in a custom tiled shower. The other two will have Roman baths as these seem to be no more work than a shower and I am not worried about the drain.

On this project, I will have one niche and a corner seat. I will be using the Kerdi drain and either the Kerdi waterproofing system or the Laticrete blue waterproofing system depending on cost, ease of installation, etc.

I am ready to begin building the shower area now and cannot find the best way to build the curb for a Kerdi type of install (did a search). Do I just use three 2X4s stacked one on top of the other? What is the best way to secure these and prevent any movement? I have ideas but want to see what other's experience is. Is there any reason to cover the 2X4s with drywall (remember it is a Kerdi type install) or cement board or do anything else?

I am sure I will have other questions also but this is my first and I would appreciate any help. Thank you guys in are great.
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