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ok, i just installed the 3/4" x 3/4" glass mosaic floor last night. now some questions for anyone with experience with these type of tiles....

they were paper faced with no mesh on the back. I used a 3/16 x 5/32 v notch trowel.

So now the tiles are sitting in the latex thinset but how am i going to grout them without messing them up? there are some parts that I will have to walk on the tiles in order to grout some hard to reach areas. My concern is that since these tiles are kinda like upside down pyramids (little more flat on the bottom but flare out to the top) that if i step on them it will make them fall on their side or at least break loose from the thinset.

Also, in some areas the mortar was a little too deep and it went up to near the top of the tile. what type of issues am i going to have when i grout? i tried to clear some of the thinset between the spaces but it got messy so I didn't get too far with that.

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