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Bathroom renovation

In the middle of bathroom gut/renovation; wish I had found the website 6 months ago! Due to the mold/moisture problems I found (there wasn't even greenboard behind the shower tile, and the exhaust fan vented into the ceiling insulation!), I decided to do the entire bathroom in hardibacker- 1/2" on walls and ceiling, 1/4" on floor. The questions:
- did I overdo it with 1/2" on the ceiling? 2x12 joists, 16" oc, the span is only 6'6, and only the area over the shower will be tiled.
- does Kilz do a good job of priming the hardibacker for painting?
- is premixed thinset ok? especially for the tile above the shower?
Also, I am doing a sloped mud base for the shower membrane and tile. Is there a rule-of-thumb for the amount of water to be added to the cement/sand mix, so that I get the proper consistency? Never did this before!
Finally, the plumbing for the drop-in tub really needs an access panel. The base will also be hardibacker/tile. What's the best way to do the panel, such that it nearly invisible but still relatively easy to remove? THANKS!
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