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Thanks, CX!

Im about to start sistering the joists. 12' long 2x6s from a lumber yard...."straight enough" for my uses.

The existing subfloor is gone. Years of water damage (before we owned the house) yielded some...."interesting"....fixes from previous owners. Stack of linoleum tiles, old school wood panelling, etc....all UNDER the tile floor. No wonder why our nice new fridge was almost impossible to level.

Another question - Advantech says not to land the T&G joint on a joist (for good reason). If the boards come together in between joists, do I need to add blocking between those joists, so I can support the joint? Or was a suggestion I thought I saw here the correct one: strips of plywood "straddling" the board joints, glued and screwed directly to the underside of the Advantech.

Thanks in advance.

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