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A possible fix for the deflection - our foundation walls (which support one end of the kitchen joists) are 6" thick concrete. The sill plates for the exterior walls (where the kitchen joists land on top of) are double 2x4s. Which leaves a double 2x4 size gap between the joist and the inner half of the foundation wall. If I add another set of double 2x4s under the joists along with some flat material to make sure the blocks contact the joists, I reduce my span by 3.5" (the width of a 2x4 laid flat, of course) and Deflecto gives me the thumbs up.

Does that sound acceptable? I mean I know it gives me the thumbs up, but is the difference between "good to go" and not, simply that 3.5 inches?

And since its in regards to the unsupported span of each joist, can I use a double 2x4 block between each joist and the top of the foundation wall? Instead of having to finagle 18 linear feet of double 2x4 in there.
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