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The next pic shows the tile after the first sponging. I like to use the classic yellow hydro-sponges available everywhere, pictured at the very bottom of today's lesson.

Tips from this pro;

1- Have a second person rinsing sponges. It makes the job MUCH easier. As far as I know, no one has lost an eye tossing damp sponges back and forth to each other.
2- Use a 5 gallon bucket of water to rinse the sponges. DO NOT use a sink, bathtub or toilet. The grout will clog the drain. BTDT.
3- Wait until the grout has slightly hazed over but the grout joints are still wet looking before your first sponging.
4- work in smaller manageable sized areas.
5- Full grout joints are happy grout joints. Rub lightly and evenly with your sponge. Depending on how firm your sponge is will determine how damp to make it and how hard to press. This is a learn-as-you-go step.
6- If you are getting water running down the wall you're sponges are too wet.
7- Fill any low spots or pin holes in the grout at this time.

The end of the first pass with a sponge should look like this. You can see there is still some grout remaining on the surface of the tile. This is OK. Most times when you try to remove all the excess grout on the first pass you wind up digging too much grout out of the joints.
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