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The next picture shows the wall after floating with the grout float.

Tips from this pro;

1- Try not to leave too much grout behind. The more you leave behind, the more work there is to clean it, and the more grout you waste. Nobody like waste.
2- Work in smaller manageable areas.
3- Turn the fan off. Wind skins it over too fast. I know its hot sugar, but its worth the sweat. :southernbelle:
4- Move the grout in several different angles to press the grout into the joints fully.
5- Final scraping of the excess grout is done at with the trowel held at almost 90º to the tile, and angled to the joints at 45º so the grout float edge doesn't dig into the joints and they are as full as possible.

In the picture you can see there are blobs of grout around the edges where the joints are. This is to make sure the joints are full at the ends. Don't try to scrape those off right away. Its easier to let the grout set a spell and firm up a bit before tackling the edge joints.
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