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Grouting basics with pictures

Since we get a ton of questions about grouting on this forum, I thought I would make a quick, easy to understand, bring your DIY to work photo tutorial on grouting.

This installation is a typical kitchen backsplash. We used ceramic tiles and sanded grout made by CBP from Home Depot*. This method is the same for most every type of tile, when using the normal cement based grouts you'd find at any tile shop or home improvement center. The same method you would use for floor and walls.

In some instances you would want to seal your tile first. In this case, since it is glazed ceramic, we don't have to seal first, so we are skipping that part of the instructions. For more on sealing before grouting, search the JB forum Library, or wait until I remember to take my camera to work again.

Tips from this pro;

1- Mix your grout as specified on the packaging. Yes, you really do have to read the instructions.
2- One of the more frequent questions we get is on grout consistency. When first mixed, it should be creamy but quite thick. Like barely softened ice cream. Not that yogurt stuff, the real ice cream that involved a few cows.
3- Let that slake (sit by itself untouched) for 10 minutes. Mix again.
4- Before you mix it again, the grout may appear to have almost fully hardened. Don't panic. Mix it slowly again. The consistency should return to its starting point or be a little harder.
5- Keep the mixing speeds below 300 rpm. If the mixing blade is spinning so fast you can't see it, then its time to slow down.
6- When floating the grout, the the float is held at a 45ยบ angle to the surface of the tile to really work the grout into the joints.

The picture below is what the consistency should look like. Creamy, yet firm. Never sagging, Never runny.

*Sorry Henry, its what the customer asked for.
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