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Most of the outdoor fountains, commercial jobs out here, are waterproofed using a similar product that you used before, a paintable, brushable, or trowable latex compound painted over the area. The better ones have a fiberglass matting that is mooshed into the liquid rubber before it cures, and a second or even third coat is put on over the mat. Called Laticrete 9235, that is what I would probably spec out, if I was an architect for your job. This would be my first choice.

That being said, I am aware of your prior bad experience with that type of product, and my second choice would be a sheet membrane llike Nobelseal TS or one of the PVC products out there.

There are a whole host of instalation problems with sheet membranes, as they do not easily conform to roundness. In addition, they all have to be very carefully seamed. This is not a shower where the water skirts by and if there is a pinhole it is not a super big issue. In your situation, the area is full of standing water, with static pressure, so yes, a pinhole will be a disaster.

I think I would still recomemnd Laticrete 9235 for this, but I would certainly want to call their Tech Service Dept and get some opinions and some installation advice. At least here in LA, they have a great customer rep guy that used to be a tile contractor, until he got smart enough to get out of the business, and if he's not too busy, you can often get him out to a job site.

If I had to install it tomorrow without any further information, I'd use Laticrete 9235 and install latex, matting and 2 more coats of latex, overlapping the matting by 2 inches either side of any seam.
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