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Thanks Jason. We've got other evidence that the tileman on this remod was not the top notch kind of guy I've seen around here: several 'hollow' sounding tiles in the kitchen, and sloppy thinset work on the glass block windows in this shower (you can see through the block that there's voids on the sides)

One though I had: this is a CBU install, so I'd expect some movement between the different wall faces, and in fact, the grout in the corners is cracking (I'm planning on replacing with caulk) Now, I'm a newbie with tile, but if this were would, I'd expect problems with this corner shelf tied to both surfaces - if they move, somethings got to give. Or should the shelf, mortar, thinset, etc. be strong enough to tie it together, and keep it from moving? (then I can skip the caulk!)

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