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It was my unit that flooded. The toilet sprung a leak and flooded the unit, it subsequently flooded the second and first floor units. 4k damages to the first floor, approximately 10k damages to second floor and I have the third floor which has not been fixed yet, total water remediation bill for all three floors was 7k, totaling just under 21k so far. All this happened before we acquired the unit (through a will). I am now trying to get the unit livable and nice. I don't know how long it stayed flooded a day or two up to a week or so I imagine before someone noticed and an emergency was declared. The HOA company broke into the unit and immediately began water remediation and dried the unit with fans and whatever other tactics they had such as opening the walls and removing flooring until it was dry. The second floor has no ceiling, walls or floor, so they got it the worst. I am doing the repairs myself as much as possible and feel confident in my construction abilities when I know what I'm dealing with (ten years construction with 6 years of tile), but I've never dealt with gypcrete. I'm using LifeProof vinyl wood flooring and LifeProof branded ceramic tile. I don't know if it was sealed. It however does not look water damaged. It's dusty like concrete with 20 years of dirt and is not swelling or soft or anything The higher traffic areas look sanded a bit with few visible cracks.

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