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Thanks, Kman

I think I will pour the concrete 2-1/2" below floor level and I will pour the crete 3 to 4"thick. The pan will be about 1-1/16" thick, after I cut it down, and that will leave about 1-3/8" after the pan. If I use 1/4" floor tile and 1/8" of thinset, that'll put my step down at about 1".

Thanks for all of your advice. I am certain I will have more questions. I will send post progress reports as I go, if you don't mind.

I have 100 projects started and it takes me forever to get anything done. Electrical inspector was supposed to be here last Thursday and he was a no show. Then he was supposed to be here on Friday and he didn't show - never even called. Hopefully Monday.
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