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(1) Your theory on the crack causing the bottom of the joist to be deflected without affecting the top of the joist looks reasonable. If you wanted to be fancy, you could try repairing the joist by injecting the open cracks with an appropriate formulation of gap filling epoxy, and then jacking the cracks closed to the extent possible and letting it cure.

Another reasonable repair, if the upper half of the joist is undamaged, is to do the above with regular wood glue, not so much to fully restore the joist but to bring it back to the original dimensions. Then you can repair the bottom (tension) side of the joist by fastening a thick metal strap along the bottom.

(2) Now that I blow up your last photo I can see the crack's location relative to the plumbing. A few thoughts:

You could use a 1/4" thick steel plate in lieu of a 2x8. This would get fastened with SDS screws, and wouldn't need to be as long.

Something makes me think that the 1x8 is not worth it, but if it is properly fastened to the joist it would help. And as far as I know, it would be fine to put the 2x8 on the opposite side of the double joist.

Cheers, Wayne
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