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Carbide-gotcha. Ill double check and find that point.

Warren- I'm not sure. I could be happy with the groutlines done either way. Initially I was thinking just keep them 'as close' to the size of the rest of the doorway as much as possible, the whole way around. As for the keystone I was thinking it might look best to have the center/keystone tile, taller than the rest of radius, so I was thinking I would cut down one of the 3x6 tiles that I used along the jam, for the keystone. I'd cut it down so it was just an inch taller or something.. with me? I also think it would probably look nicer if I did have it a little wider than the diagram shows (the width of the center tile of my jamb). However, it would be fine at that size. In trying not to be too picky as it may already be somewhat challenging for me. I guess my main question is , when I'm making my lines, from the center, on the template, I should start with drawing the keystone's lines first right? Like find my dead center point, straight upwards, then draw my keystone lines? theh just work my way outwards to each side, down the radius. That way I can have control of the size of the keystone from the get go I figure? Is this an okay approach?
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