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Archway- Need Advice or Help Please

So I have recently demo'd and retiled our powder room bathroom. We decided to leave the closet door off, turning it into a small walk in closet, and meanwhile make it into an archway.

I am not a tiler by trade but have taught myself over time and am fairly confident in a good bit, but knew that the archway might cause some difficulties once i reached that point. This everything is now complete EXCEPT the arch, and I'm a bit lacking in confidence on the proper approach here.

What I am asking for is guidance based upon these photos. I took one approach and cut/applied a few arch tiles (3rd pic down), but took them down bc I know they could be better and knew I wasn't doing it the proper way. Should I trace a template, lay it down, draw the lines all pointing right to the center point of the arch, then just cut the tiles to fit the template?

FYI: The jam is all stud, with dirta applied along the entire inside jam. The wall tiles are mortared directly to the dry wall. The jam are 3x6 subway travertine, the face tiles (on the wall), are 4x4 travertine.

I could use proper guidance or advice, or someone to complete this small bit of work for me. I am in south jersey, in turnersville, 15 mins from philly. Would appreciate the help.

**Im sorry the photos are uploading sideways.. But still viewable.
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