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need advice on finishing my tile project

I'm halfway through my kitchen tile project and I've run into an issue. My floor is nice and flat and level (2x12 joists, 16 on center, 14 foot span, 1 1/4 sub floor, 1/4 Hardi backer) until hit about seven feet to the opposite wall. Then it drops 5/8-3/4 inch, so I'm wondering what the best option is to level. I'm using 6x24 tile in a herringbone pattern, so I can't fudge where it drops.

I think I'm left with two options...

1. Remove decking, level with sister joists, replace decking.
2. SLC.

Option one is my worry since I screwed the crap out of the decking, and finding the screws under the Hardi backer and mortar will be a chore. My thinking is, pull the Hardi backer to where it drops (it's a straight line all the way across the kitchen) and pour SLC.

Yes? No? Better options?

Thanks in advance.
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