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Installing Kitchen Backsplash Over Wavy Wall?

Hi, all,

Found the forums via a Google search and was hoping I might be able to solicit some opinions on a kitchen backsplash project. Briefly: Have a home with an in-law apartment built circa the 1920s. Want to install a backsplash. Two of the three walls look fairly level/flat, but the other has a "valley" that looks to be about a half-inch deep from the rest of the wall.

It's hard to see in photos, but you can see how far away the wall is from the countertop backsplash here. (The unseen parts of the backsplash on either side are fairly flush with the wall.)

I know if I start installing tile that the wave in the wall will create issues, lead to a strange layout, etc. Can I just "float" the valley of the wall with some tileset to build it up?

The wall is also exhibiting some separation of the top layer. It might be plaster. I know I'll need to remove this before adding any adhesive. Can that be done on the bare surface underneath? Attaching photos of both the loose plaster and what's underneath a removed smoke detector. Thanks in advance.
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