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Schluter has a quality unmodified thinset branded under their name for this situation. John Bridge tends to use Versabond, a lightly modified thinset. Even an inexpensive thinset is still in the order of hundreds of pounds per square in in shear. On a wall, you might want to consider using the 'spot' method. This has you putting golf ball size dollops of thinset on the back of the tile, and then smushing it onto the wall. As opposed to a floor, a wall doesn't absolutely need 100% coverage, and this method will make it easier to get those large tile aligned with no lippage.

A modified thinset on the wall under those huge tiles will take a very long time to set up properly - maybe in the order of weeks. An unmodified thinset will be set overnight. Thinsets are rated for strength after curing for 28-days, and will continue to gain strength after that. The concrete in the Hoover dam is still curing, as can be noted by the heat it is still giving off - that's somewhere around what, 80-years?
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