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Deflection Calculations and Subfloor Info

CX and Folks,

I had a fellow from Trus Joist run the deflection calculations on his own program. I believe this is the industry program. Also had an independent engineer run the calculations on his own program. Both came up with about the same results. I saw the independent engineer enter the info for his program. The inputs were type of trus, length of trus, separation of trus, width of plywood, number of supports under the trus, including the end walls, and maybe something else. I believe these calculations just gave the deflection of the trus. Anything else, way beyond my comprehension!!

Hope this is what you asked for.

Also, just found some info indicating my subfloor is not 3/4 inch plywood, but either 23/32 inch OSB or 1 1/4 inch 1.3E Timberstrand LSL. These are listed as accessories on my floor plan. Don't know which goes where. Does this make any difference?

I will give this entire thread to the general contractor and the tile contractor. Hope they see fit to ask questions on this forum.



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