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Natural Stone Cracked Tile III

Continuation of a long story. First, thanks for all the fine inputs to my first two posts. I have given info to the general contractor. I'm the guy with cracked tile running linear accross the width of two rooms and a hallway, with the joists 19.2 inches apart, 3/4 inch plywood, thinset with backerboard. Deflection is calculated using standard techniques as over 1000. Your past comments say to look at the deflection in the plywood between the joists and to make sure the backerboard is screwed, not staples down. Also should look into supports under the stone between the joists and adding another 1/2 inch of plywood. The contractor says he has found people who fix the problem by just taking down to the plywood and adding two layers of backerboard perpendicular to each other. Does this sound right? In our earlier discussions, there were concerns that the subfloor was not strong enough for the stone. Wouldn't adding another layer of non-supporting backerboard over the existing subfloor just add more weight and maybe make the problem worse? Or, is running the backerboard perpendicular in two layers okay despite the added weight.

Hope I am getting to the end of this adventure.

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