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Talking Cheerful and Happy!

That was my first reaction when I saw the "Pan Am" (my favorite airline of all time) blue background ... it just woke me up, and I got a lot of sleep last night already ... I didn't even see the logo until I scrolled to the top, and I thought it looked very professional. I really like the three tiles pointing to the right. It gives the logo movement, and draws the eye to the advertising links to the right of the header. I should know ... I'm in the same field ... web/graphics design. Like I say ... I'm Jack of all Trades, and the latter part is ... MASTER of NADA!!!

I'm a home-grown wacko still trying to find my passion, that's why I'm taking up real estate with my wife to boot. But I have a lot of fun with what I do, and it pays the bills, so life goes on.

Why did I say all that? I'm sorry to digress ... great site colors!!!

I'm one happy guy!
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