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Plumbing help - Tub diverter sticking?

We purchased a Delta 17 series 3-part series (showerhead, faucet and tub spout) in spring 2007, so we've been using it less than a year. Lately after showering, when we turn off the water, the diverter stays in the "up" position and doesn't drop to let the remaining water in the pipe drain out the tub spout. We have to manually push it down to let the water out. If we lift it when the water isn't running, it drops 100% of the time and doesn't seem to stick (after adding some lubricant). But it still sticks after running water through the showerhead. Do you have any advice for how to fix this or why it might be happening? The person buying our house wants this repaired, and we aren't sure if we should call a plumber or try something else.
Thanks so much for any advice you can provide.
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