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Order of operations for restoring marble floor

Hi All-

My house has a powder room with 12x12 white marble tile. Tile is about 30 years old and is scratched and dingy. The grout sits way below the face of the tiles and is also yellow and missing in places.

I want to re-grout it and get the floor looking better- specifically remove the scratches and buff it up to a honed look (I don't need mirror finish or anything). What is the order of operations?

Is it:
1. Remove grout
2. Use diamond pads from 400-xx00 grit (using some type of orbital machine)
3. Clean up from polishing
4. Seal marble
5. Use non sanded grout (grout lines are 1/8)
6. Seal again?

Or do I grout before the polishing/grinding portion?

Thanks in advance,
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