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Remodel to Kerdi Shower, Mud base

It's been a decade since I was last here... I have a new project that I'd like to share and get advice. My last shower was DIY decent, because of this forum, so thank you...

I was told by shewhomustbeobeyed that we need to update our house to be more current. I responded by ripping out tile flooring in an existing first floor hall bath, the 25' hallway, the pantry, the laundry, and at least two closets. In addition, I also ripped out the cultured marble shower and all plumbing, aluminum framed wavy-glass shower door, toilet, pedestal vanity. I really enjoyed the destructive power of my hitachi SDS-Max demo hammer and spade bit. Then I sat back and enjoyed a beer amongst the dust and destruction. In the glow of my satisfaction, she asked when we'd have a working toilet there again... well...

Since then, I've reinforced the shower framing + niche, installed a highflow valves + 3/4" copper, rerun the vanity and toilet water pipes through the wall instead of the tile floor. I'm just getting ready to roll on the shower. 48"x32"x8'

I'm planning Kerdi for the walls over Gold Bond Purple XP drywall, a custom mud pan (CustomFloat?) with a kerdi drain, a concrete curb using kirb-perfect, kerdi niche... I know I've forgotten something...

It's currently sitting on 3/4" flooring directly supported by an I-beam under the middle of the shower -- So not really concerned about the increased load.

First question -- why does everything hurt more than last time???

Second, since I have such support underneath, do I need to add another layer of plywood beneath a mud pan or am I good? I'll be putting down some plastic between the mud and the flooring.
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