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Urethane Grout & Grout Release

Been digging through these forums but the threads that address this don't quite get to what im wondering. . Greetings everyone by the way

Had a customer asking for a "sealer" for urethane grout, but upon further questions I was made aware that he was needing grout release per the urethane grout instructions. From talking with you guys I knew what he was talkin about but I wasn't quite sure if we carried grout release and I was right, we don't, in store at least. I told him he would either have to go online to or try *ahem* Lowes if its urgent. However I think the guy. . . must'v thought I didn't know what I was talking about because when I told him it wasn't something we carried he already had 511 in his hand and as I type this I see him walking to the registers with it. But I told him (perhaps erroneously) that it wont work, or at least he's spending way too much to potentially seal porcelain tile.

My Q for you guys is, when ur installing with urethane grout. . the grout release is to keep the urethane from permanently discolouring the tile? Do you need it every time? Im familiar with grout release's function but not entirely sure apparently why you would not want to use a regular sealer when installing tile other than the fact that. . I know you guys would probably tell me you shouldn't.
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