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Thank You. I really appreciate your replies. I will upload some more picture tonight from a farther distance. I was able to figure out that the pieces which stick out 2 inches from the concrete block were not part of the foundation, seems they poured some concrete sort of as a base to put the tile on since, yes, there was no waterproofing when built.

I can now remove them from the 3 walls and add a 2 x 4 ( since its on 11/2 actual), hold the pan liner and match the studs above to have board run down on top of liner, only issue now would be figuring out the curb.

I know its not recommended or such, but I can use modified thinset onto the concrete side of curb going upwards, run the liner up the curb to bond it and then screw a 1/4 durrock so that tile can be added, I know the screws would puncher the liner, I would need to silicone the screws and thinset over them as well. I would purchase a roll of Membrane Fabric and apply along the whole curb as well and Redguard it all.
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