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Hi everyone, very slow progress over here due to limited time. I finished the floor and put up the kerdi board everywhere, and am getting ready to do the kerdi curb. I had a couple of questions on the curb:

1) I plan to do a solid stone piece in the curb and wall. Here too I've seen many method, including those that say only use silicone to stick it (didn't think it's an adhesive) to those that say just use thinset. What do the experts do?

2) on the solid stone, I was reading that pros cut a notch on the inside bottom so water doesn't come down and around to go back to the curb. Is this necessary? Can't this be accomplished by just using something that's pointy they I can stick under there?

3) is marble susceptible to staining by any of the normal shower usage? It looks like acid rain and leaks can cause stains, but it seems to be a popular choice. Is quartz better?

Thanks! It's surprisingly hard to find slab people in San Diego who will cut to size, so I'm having to look online, unfortunately.

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