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Thanks Jadnashua. Yes, I was able to get the subfloor off the joists to recess the subfloor for the Kerdi shower pan, to make the shower curbless. But I'd have to scrape off the SCC first in the 5' x 10' area, then proceed as you've mentioned. Which I think I will do... I' m not happy with the floor at the moment and don't want it any higher.

I agree with CX, in thinking about it; not totally sure why my i-joists aren't perfectly flat the whole way along. Though -- this area of the house is a 14-year-old addition to an original structure, so I assume that has something to do with it. And where the bathroom ends, there's a break in the joists for an opening between the first and second floor -- see pic. Before the reno, there was a mud pack and a wire mesh of varying depths on the old tiled floor, which had been there and stable with 12x24 tiles and no issues for 14 years.

So if I scrape up the SLC and get back to the original subfloor, can I just mud pack it with wire mesh to get it flat underneath my Ditra heat? Instead of going the SLC route. I don't know if that option will work given the high point of the floor but I'd be interested in proceeding that way to make things progress faster. Will Ditra overtop a mud bed adhere to a mudpack?? I think so.

Thanks all.
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