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I mentioned previously I was wondering if thee might be some issues under the tile... and have been reading about floor construction...

I I understood it the subfloor directly on the joists would be expected to be plywood. Then a underlayment and then tile..

This house was built around 1954 and I don't know if that is how they did it back then and wondered I is there might be issues lurking underneath...

I just this evening realized that I can see the underside of the bathroom floor from the basement... one thing is certain... there is definitely NOT plywood directly on the joists...

There are what I guess would be called boards or slats. Looking between them it looks like there may be a plywood on top of the slots (see pictures below).

Does this have any implications for the remodel? (Now there are two layers of tile, no idea how the first layer of tile was set, but it is likely original to the house. Would that have been mud in 1954?)

I am planing on 8X16 Porcelain tiles on the floor. Is this construction likely to complicate things?

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