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I've done more googling on tile and plaster walls.

Tileing on blueboard is fine, but from what I have read, plaster is not the best substrate for tile, as tile can have issues sticking to it... and they recommended using mastic on plaster as the tile sticks better than with thinset...

But I don't want mastic used anywhere in the bathroom...

So it seems the transition between the tile and plastered parts of the wall could be an issue...

I guess the solution might be to tile first directly on the blueboard, THEN cover/mask the tile with plastic/painters tape and do the plastering... (BTW the tile edge is planned to be marble pencil, not bullnose.

But where the pencil and plaster need to meet, could still be an issue that way... (don't want uncovered blueboard, but also don't want plaster covered pencil or a sloppy edge!)

Just saw a video on plastering blueboard... The above would not work because of how the plaster needs to be applied ... the plaster would need to go on first... But not on the part of the wall the tile will be on wall. Still potential issues at the border...

Has anyone here needed to deal with something like this? So far it sounds like not many have have needed to deal with plaster walls here.


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