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Another question but this one NON shower related.

I think I mentioned before that the house has plaster walls. To keep the bathroom consistent with the rest of the house, the non tiled parts of the walls would need to be plastered...

From the research I've done that will mean Blueboard which is meant to take a skim coat of plaster.

In this case about the bottom half of the wall will be tile and the rest would need to be plastered.

Could the whole wall be blueboard or should a different backer be used for the tile part...

If tileing the blueboard only half would be OK, might it still be better to use something else for backer for that part of the wall?

I have come across posts where blueboard was tilled but they did not say if it was the whole wall or just part.

Also from what I read it takes a bit of skill to do a good plaster job...

As it seems most homes these days only use painted drywall, is finding a GC who has someone good to do the plastering part likely to be difficult?

I assume the relative rarity of mastering these days like has price consequences.

Is having the walls plastered likely significantly more expensive than having untiled drywall painted?

Thanks for any feedback.

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