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I m trying to figure out what will likely need to be done for tiling the bathroom floor.

Currently there are 2 layers of tiles on the floor, and the top layer has been coming off and cracking. Originally I thought that might be because of an issue with the substate. That said looking at the area where the top tiles came off, maybe the issue is how they were installed. (I'm attaching a picture)

looking at the what is on the surface of the top layer , maybe the second layer was attached with mastic, which would be an obvious no-no on a bathroom floor. Does it look like mastic was used?

The lower layer is a 1X1 mosaic. I don't know for sure but I think it might original to the house.

The house was originally built in the early-mid 50's as a very small 2 bedroom ranch. If the 1X1 mosaic is the original floor, does that mean it likely was installed on a mud base?

If so what does it mean for putting down for new tile? Given the height restrictions, even if possible, installing the new thicker tile on top of 1X1 layer would not work.

I assume the 1x1 tiles and the (likely?) mud base (and what ever it is on top of?) would need to be removed. Does that mean that the (likely) plywood underneath the mud would need to be replaced?

BTW I bought and started reading the Tile Your World book to get a better handle on some of these things.

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