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Thanks CX! Any trick to making sure that first row is at the right height? Just thinking about it, it seems the best way might be to find the farthest point from the drain, calculate the height to the first tile plus grout line plus drain height, then add in the distance for another tile + grout line for the ledger board.

So for example, if my pan is 4'x4' and my drain is centered in that, the farthest wall is the corner at sqrt(2^2+2^2) = 2.82', which gives a minimum first tile height of 2.82 * 0.25 = ~ 0.7".

Assuming 4" tiles with 1/8" grout lines, I would set my ledger board at 0.7 (slope) + 0.125 (grout) + 4 (tile) + 1.25 (drain) = 6.075" off the subfloor. Once done, I can remove the ledger and build the mud bed up to a screed point that's based on the 1.25" + 0.7" to that corner. Does that all sound like what you'd do or am I overthinking it?
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