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Hi all, as the materials are arriving I'm mapping out what to do in my head. As above, this is a bathroom with about 200sqft of flooring that I'm putting 12x24 tiles over, a clawfoot tub, and re-tiling the shower with subway tiles. For the shower pan I'm planning on mud bed with a kerdi drain. Here is my general thinking of the order to do it in:

1) put kerdi board up all sides of shower and do the appropriate patching on all seams.
2) Put kerdi bench in corner and seal per directions
3) lay curb down in a mortar bed and wait for it to dry
4) Lay down a piece of 1/2" plywood over the existing 3/4" OSB large enough for the shower pan (not the curb). This step was because it did not seem common to lay a mud bed on OSB. Is this needed?
4a) Lay 4mil plastic over subfloor with galvanized lath on top
5) Build mud bed and set kerdi drain
6) Apply kerdi membrane after step 5 sets, and also seal all corners and edges.
7) Tile shower floor (I know the order doesn't matter, especially with caulking the joints, but it seems the floor should be strong enough to withstand anything going on above
8) Tile walls of shower
9) Grout (At this point the shower should be done and I can do a soak test while doing the next step)
10) Apply ditra on OSB to floor of bathroom
11) Tile and grout floor

Does this all sounds reasonable?

For thinset I wanted to try to find a modified Mapei product I can get at a big box store since All-Set is $35/bag where I live, and that's going to add over $1000 to the project if I used that. My plan was to use Mapei modified (not sure which) between the OSB and ditra, and mapei unmodified coupling membrane mortar above the ditra.


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