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We are planning to do a mosaic accent that goes all around bathroom including in the Tub/Shower area.

Originally I wanted to avoid a Cracked glass mosaic accent because of potential issues in the shower of water ingress and mold, but we have not been able to find another accent we like as much or would go as well with the color scheme we want to use, and I have seen number of people on the web say as long it is sealed well there should not be an issue.

That accent is a combination of polished light and dark emperador marble and crackled glass squares (or rectangles - the one we want -squares- is out of stock currently but a rectangular brick brick version is available) I am including pictures.

The issue with the crackled glass surface is that it needs to be sealed BEFORE grouting everywhere, as well as afterwards - particularly for use in the shower area.

Searching the forum for crackled I found a thread that talked about crackled finish tiles (not Mosaic) and talked about submerging them in sealer to do 6 sided sealing. I would be very willing to do that on my own before having it installed, as well as doing the after installation sealing of the accent as well as the grout after grouting.

But in that same thread thread someone else said the doing that could cause an issue with the mortar being able to stick to the tile ... which I assume means there was the potential for the tile to separate from the wall

So is 6 sided sealing good idea for this mosaic? BTW after doing a bunch of reading on the web I think I want to use Stain-Proof penetrating sealer (formerly known as Dry-Treat), as from what I've read it seems to be a bit better than 511.

I have dealt with organic solvents my whole working life and know how to handle them so that does not bother me. Yes it is more expensive but have less problems long term is worth it I think

More than likely the accent mosaic tiles will need to be cut at the corners (and there will be one outer corner) with either the squares or the interlocking "bricks". The cracked glass pieces are obviously not through body and are just a layer on top of a ceramic (probably not porcelain ) piece.

When cut the installation instructions says the ends need to be sealed before grouting as well ... I assume that would need to be done by the installer or can that be done (particularly for inner corners) after it is put on the wall?

Also is this type of mosaic an issue for installing at the one outer corner, particularly as the base of the crackle pieces are white?

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