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New question:

Up until now I have have not thought about sanitary cove, because the tile we chose does not have that as an option.

Is it a good idea to use sanitary cove?

The existing tile uses cove (in fact there are 2 layers of cove! A top white one and under that a pink one likely from when the house was built in the 1950's that was tiled over)

As the tile we plan to use does not come with cove, if we were to use cove, we would have to find one that coordinates reasonably well with the field tile.

Googling I find some people think it is important because cleaning (particularly in corners) is much easier with it, and it is expected. (Thinking of resale value)

When I think about, as best as I can recall, every tiled bathroom I have ever been in has had cove... I think it can make a bathroom looked more finished, but finding one that goes with the field tile could be hard, and of course it would add to cost.

What are the expectations of most people with respect to cove being installed or not in tiled bathrooms these days?

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