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b. Depends somewhat upon just how un-flat the wall is, Karen, but I caution you not to expect to flatten the tile surface using the bonding mortar while setting the tiles. You really want to flatten that wall before tiling.

And you'll want to make the wall where the vanity will be very plumb. That vanity appears to me to be made to look like furniture and I would want to just fasten it against the tiled wall. And to do that and have it look good, you want the wall plumb and flat.

No need to tile the entire wall behind the vanity, only enough be inside the outer dimensions of the cabinet piece.

c. While you wouldn't wanna do a lot of that onsite, some scribing of the edge of a granite top can be done by grinding. Pretty messy, but quite doable. If you make the wall really flat, I don't think it will be necessary to scribe the top to fit. The unevenness of the tile-to-top joint can probably be accommodated by careful caulking with a good flexible sealant.

d. Water leaking down the back? We'd hope there would be very little of that, now wouldn't we? A mechanical overlap of the tile would help to accommodate that, and there is no reason you couldn't do that. I trust you will not have that marble splash we see in your photo?

By mounted I meant the cabinet would be fastened to the wall. The same would be true of what I see in your photo or a "furniture piece" as I described earlier. The unit would still be fastened to the wall, one style fastened to the bare wall and tiled around, the other fastened to the wall over the tiled surface.

I understand your need to hire some or most of the work done, I was just suggesting that the very best way to have things done exactly the way you want is to be the one doing it. Second best is to find someone who will make his best effort to give you exactly what you describe and ask for.

Those someones are getting more and more difficult to find ever day, even when you're willing to pay for the work. I wish you good luck in finding yours.

My opinion; worth price charged.

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