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Karen, are you having this bathroom permitted/inspected? If so...

I believe code says you need 24" of space in front of the toilet but your diagrams indicate you have only 19" from the front to the tub. So you might want to check that. For a fix a wall hung toilet might be an option.

How wide is the doorway into the bathroom? It looks quite wide in your diags so, unless there's an actual need for a wide door you could pick up some usable vanity space by switching to a 24" or 26" door.

What is that 52 3/4" X 7 1/4" space adjacent to the utility closet?

Both main baths in my 1980 built house had that "soffit", but not the dropped ceiling, over the tubs. It's very possible that the ceiling over the tub is low for no other reason than that soffit. If keeping the soffit and low ceiling is a "want" then go with it, but eliminating them will definitely make a smallish space feel larger, and the tile layout will, IMO, be cleaner.

Eliminate one of the exhaust fans, place a new 100 (ish) CFM (the Panasonic line has some that are very quiet) roughly in the center of the ceiling, but perhaps more biased towards the toilet and tub end of the room. You really need to have it vented to the outside though.
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