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Here is the last wall wall of the alcove.

Here for all diamonds the pencil goes all teh way to the floor... is that an OK thing to do. Also there is a lot of cutting.

BTW the things in the corner are 8" granite shelves. I would image they would be easier to install with teh block pattern. Teh height chosen were to ensure they were on horizontal grout lines.

So how much more expense would doing all diamonds be? Is pencil to the floor practical?

What about on the edge of the wall that ceiling wall, or on the ceiling itself?

Would the ceiling wall be an issue with using only one fan in the shower/tub area?

I would appreciate any feedback, and if you see any issues (related to the shower alcove or not) with these plans id did not bring up, please let me know.

Thanks for all your help. Without being able to ask questions here this project would feel overwhelming for me!

- Karen
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