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Here is the "Window Wall" for which most of the wall is not part of the shower alcove. In one case we continue the 8X16" Block pattern of the wainscoting into the shower area, and continue it to the higher accent strip.

Above the accent strip we use 16x18" tikes at 45 degree to form a diamond pattern. This is shown without the upper wall but it could have it.

The edge of the "shower area" is 3 inches from the edge of the tub and is finished off with a 5/8" pencil. I have read that one should extend tile 2.5-3" from the tub (currently teh tile goes all the way out to the window - but we don't like that look.

The second option uses ALL diamonds for the shower area and the diamond pattern below the accent mirrors that above it..

We are considering
1) doing all diamonds within the whole "shower area"
2) Keeping the 8X16" pattern below the accent for all teh shower area with diamonds only above
3) Keeping the side walls below the accent as the block pattern and only doing the back alcove wall

On the block pattern we want the horizontal grout lines to line up vertical on all teh walls of the background where they are present for a constent

So one of the questions is how much more expensive are doing all diamonds likely to be? I know there will be more material wast and more cutting..

Also ho pratica is it too have pencil coming down to teh radiator (or floor on opposite alcove wall)?

But please don't answer until after you seethe following two walls in teh next two posts
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