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We have given ourselves a deadline of next Sunday to finalize what we want done on the re-model, write that up, and start the contractor search (giving them copy of the the writeup)

The house was built in the early 1950s.

We still have to make a final decision on the tile layout in the tub/shower alcove.

We plan to wainscoting outside the shower area, and in the shower area tile to teh ceiling (and the ceiling as it is now) because the ceiling is so low (88")

The tile size we plan to use a 8X16" (floor and wainscoting) and 16X16" for at least the upper part of alcove/shower area wall. Current wainscoting goes to 56" the new one with different tile will go to 45"

I have questions about the RELATIVE practicality/difficulty/cost of some of the things we are considering. I know you guys all have your own ways of deciding such things.

What I am asking is ball park about what percent more would one design be compared to another so we can decide upfront which design to go with. Also in one case i am not sure what I want to is realistically doable.

In terms of designs I think seeing it better the trying to describe so i will post my diagrams. I thin post I will post the the floor plan and then the layout for one wall that is not part of the alcove so you get a feel for what we are doing.

On the floor plan there is a thatched area labeled soffit. That is an 11.75 inch "tall" and 5.5" deep wall (not sure of the right term) coming DOWN from the ceiling over the edge of the tub (if measured correctly it extends once inch past the tub edge). It is currently completely tiled on the inside and bottom edge and has bullnose on the front.

Currently we have two exhaust fans . One inside the shower and one out... If moth are not running when we take a shower the vanity mirror gets all fogged up... (BUT Both are just vented into the attic and NOT to the outside).

I don't know if that is because of that "wall"... We would rather have one fan... But we like the look of that "wall" and would like to keep it if practical.

There two designs for the alcove walls we are considering... I will show one with that wall and one without, but either could be with or without.

I will put the examples and specific questions in a separate posts so the diagrams are not too far from the accompanying text.
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