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Hi Dan,

You hear about so many problems with home improvement stuff between storied about some "pros" doing stuff wrong or cutting corners causing issues done the road, as well as outright scam artists, it is hard not be paranoid...

But for some reason I did not think about that with a granite fabricator with only positive reviews on line... but you are right I should not let my guard down!

As for travertine in an accent, if we did use it in the shower, what type would be least likely to cause issues in the long run with only annual resealing?

Logically it seems it would be wise (and best for looks - assuming one does not want holes!) to only use the pre-epoxy filled travertine in wet areas. I have read that is clear so does not introduce it's own color and would make sure there are no big voids to hold water. Is that right?

After that it would seem to me that filled and polished would be least likely to have water issues. Is that true?

I assume that would still need to be pre sealed, sealed again after grouting and regularly resealed (annually?) as polished granite should be. Is that right?

I think filled honed would go better looks wise, but I would think may be a bit more likely to have issues na polished?

What about filled tumbled? That may look nicest but would that be potentially more issues than filled polished or filled honed? (All these terms and types get confusing!)

I know I'm obsessing over this, but I am very worried about choosing something that will cause issues in the long run and don't want to make a mistake... Mistakes can get very expensive with renovations!

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