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Yes I agree, helping out people who have already decided they are going to take on a tile project is not a job lost for us. Many of us were DIYers in the beginning so we understand that side of the coin. People know about this forum so they do come on here looking for pros. We learn as well, with so many people on here and so many backgrounds you can't help but to pick up new ideas. We live in a world where most people help themselves, personally I git a lot more satisfaction out of helping others. Easy to take, much harder to give.

If more people looking to do tile work knew about this forum they would be on here looking for a pro and not on Angies, or ServiceMagic. I realize the bottom line is revenue, they make money on all the leads they give out and you got a chance at getting work. It is not free though, you can come on here and find someone almost anywhere in the US or nearby. No one in the middle. Best situation, tile contractor working directly with the customer.

I think this forum can be helpful too if someone is contemplating doing a project. They see one a those building shows sponsored by Homers and come on here to ask if they really can do a full bath in 1/2 hour. We will tell them it will more likely take 1 hour if you're slow

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