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I was lucky in that the 2 firms I worked for over the years always had at least a couple young "kids" fresh out of school. I have always enjoyed taking the young architects under my wing and teach them how to actually put a building together. Besides saying "do it this way", I always tried to tell them why you did it this way. In fact the comment was made once that if you asked me what time it was, I'd tell you haw a clock worked

Same thing in my wife and I hobby of showing and breeding dogs. We have always had 1 or 2 people who we are teaching to show. And we have one person who we are starting to mentor for breeding. I guess both of us have always enjoyed helping others out.

BTW you guys don't have to worry about me becoming your competition. I really enjoy tile work, but only as a hobby. That stuff sometimes gets to be just plain hard work! Especially grouting walls that I finished up yesterday. Now to deal with the wife's punchlist!
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