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Jim, I have not done it yet, but I'm trying to figure out my best plan of attack. It will be over a plywood subfloor, on the 2nd story. I have already ruled out "ditra" due to the fact that I'm using daltile's octagon, and dot tile pattern, and ditra doesn't want you to use tiles under 2" So now I have pretty much decided to use SLC because the floor is out of whack. I haven't decided on a brand yet, but I'm leaning toward custom Levellite. I will use Lath, but have not decided if i should use metal, or plastic. I will make sure to get the minimum thickness as well. I have limited experience with SLC, so I am trying to get any info I can about it. At this point, I think I will put a trowel on membrane on top of the SLC. Have not decided what kind yet. Any advice would be great. I might just use redgard or something. Or maybe I don't need a membrane if I use the right slc with metal lath?
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