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John Bridge
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There is no cash at present.

I hope there will be some cash in the future, which I intend to share with the moderators who run this site. It's not just John Bridge. The costs of running the site are mounting. It no longer runs on a $20 a month hosting plan. We have our own server now and it costs real money.

John has not changed his mind about anything, and he has certainly not prostituted himself to anyone. This forum is, has been and will remain a free marketplace of ideas. I believe in that.

Cami A. originally concieved the phrase "Tile Your World," and the old logo was the work of a number of people here. Cami A. happens to be the lady who designed the page you're looking at -- with the help of a number of people here (including Dave M., who makes the thing work).

The new logo was done by an ad agency. At first I didn't like it, but I stared at it a while and it grew on me. Stare at it a while and you'll like it too.

It's only my opinion, but I think the new look is bright and cheeful. I hope everyone remains cheerful when they're on the site.
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